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Sadykhov Goulam Sadykhovich, doctor of technical sciences, professor, chief research scientist, Bauman Moscow State Technical University (105005, 5/1, 2-ya Baumanskaya st., Moscow, Russia),

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10.21685/ 2307-4205-2018-2-11


Background. The work is devoted to the planning of resource tests of similar objects in order to determine the minimum number of these objects and the minimum duration of these tests, depending on the assessment of the lower confidence limit of the truncated mean resource.
Materials and methods. A number of restrictive conditions, for example, connected with carrying out additional tests beyond the prescribed terms of use, do not allow using existing both parametric and nonparametric methods for calculating these values. Therefore, fundamentally new solutions have been found in the work that do not require additional tests beyond the prescribed lifetime. The formulas for calculating the minimum sample size and the minimum duration of resource tests are proved.
Results. The results of the work are used in the planning of resource tests of radio electronics products of new types.
Conclusions. The formulas for calculating the minimum number of objects and the minimum test duration are proved, depending on the estimation of the lower confidence limit of the truncated mean resource for a given confidence probability.

Key words

useful life tests, mean life, duration of tests

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